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    Brita Irving

    Research Scientist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks

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    Hi, my name is Brita Irving. I am a Research Scientist studying oceanography at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


    I work with a suite of oceanographic and remote sensing instruments, models, and satellite data. My research focuses on ocean acidification, currents and turbulence, carbon cycle dynamics, instrument development, and developing tools to improve access and reach for large and complex datasets.


    You can peruse some of the current and past research I have been involved with at:

    For a more casual read, here is an article from our most recent fieldwork on an exciting project to develop a CO2 Seaglider! Or another one, here, about one of our gliders that tried to evade capture.

    After graduating in 2012 with an MS in Atmospheric Science Remote Sensing, I spent my summers working as a wilderness guide experiencing remote regions of Alaska and spent my winters skiing, biking, or diving in the US and beyond. In 2015 my partner and I returned to our Alaskan roots full time where we now live with our relaxed rascal Eeyore, adorably pictured below doing what he loves.


    I now split my time between being a parent, piloting underwater robots through the Arctic and Antarctic seas, building publicly available tools to share and process data, guiding and exploring Alaskan rivers, and instructing for a wilderness, science, and art program designed to inspire creativity and confidence in high school girls from all social and economic backgrounds. Learn more about Inspiring Girls Expeditions!


    Things I love: learning how to be a parent, jokes, mountains, rivers, data, books, nature, programming, sunshine, houseplants, clouds, board games, and maps.